Why is MYOASIS the Business Support System of choice for your venture?

Security and Payment
  • 256-bit SSL security to prevent eavesdropping.
  • Supports PayPal and other payment gateways for secured credit and debit card transactions
System Management
  • Upload logo
  • Customise company information such as name, address, and GST number
  • Configure email addresses for sending invoices and notifications
  • Configure automatic invoice generation
  • Customise terms, notifications, and text on invoices
  • Customise news/announcements for different type of users
  • And more ...
Staff Management
  • Create new staff
  • Modify or remove staff
  • Set level of authority such as admin, accounts manager, and support person
Customer Management
  • Add new customers
  • Sort customers by status such as Active, Archived, Signup, Suspended, Deleted, and so on
  • Automatic Activity Log entry for individual customers
  • Manual Log entry for individual customers
  • Enter internal notes for individual customers
  • Add single or multiple accounts for individual customers
  • And more ...
Account Management
  • Create subscriptions (for recurring invoices)
  • Create new invoices
  • Discount invoices
  • Update invoice due date
  • Charge items on a subscription account
  • View statements for individual customers
  • Track invoice status such as New, View, Sent, Partial, and Paid
  • Sort invoices based on a due date range such as Current, <30 Days Due, 30-60 Days, 60-90 Days, and >90 Days
  • Fast invoice search function
  • Dispute invoices
  • Generate recurring invoices in batches (auto or manual)
  • Generate single recurring invoices
  • E-mail invoices in batches
  • Download invoices in pdf format
  • Download invoices in batches, in pdf format for printing
  • Delete invoices (individual or in batches)
  • Modify invoices
  • And more ...
Inventory Management
  • Create suppliers
  • Create categories and subcategories
  • Create items
  • Set reorder level for individual items
  • Create purchase orders
  • Enter stock arrivals
  • Update payables
  • Stock auto deduct on invoice creation
  • And more ...
Expense Management
  • Create categories and subcategories
  • Create suppliers
  • Enter expenses
  • Profit & Loss report
  • Collection report
  • Subscription status report
  • Tax report
  • Expense and payable reports
  • Customer report
Customer Interface
  • Update profile
  • View invoice
  • Download pdf invoices and statement
  • Track transactions (Statement)
  • Pay invoice online